At DKB-finance, we have extensive experience and expertise in serving clients who are at different stages of their businesses. We understand the specific challenges and requirements of each industry and tailor our services to meet your needs.



When it comes to Tech companies, we know that innovation and growth are key.


In the dynamic world of technology, we are happy to help you establish a solid financial foundation. We understand the unique needs of Tech companies and offer support in optimising your financial processes, managing cash flow and providing insightful reporting. Our expertise helps you make strategic decisions to drive your business forward in this fast-changing sector.



For startups, we understand that it is an exciting and demanding phase.


As a start-up and fast-growing company, you need a solid financial foundation and support in managing and understanding corporate finance. We offer flexible services tailored to the unique needs of startups. From setting up optimised reporting to managing your cash flow and offering valuable financial advice, we are ready to help you grow and succeed in this crucial phase.



For scale-ups, we understand that rapid growth comes with unique challenges and opportunities.


You need a partner who can help manage the complexities of your growing business. Our services are specifically designed to support you in scaling up your financial processes and optimising your cash flow management. We understand the dynamics of scale-ups and help you create a solid financial foundation to successfully continue your growth trajectory.



As a self-employed person or starter, all the tax and accounting obligations can be quite confusing.


This is where we can provide comprehensive assistance. From assisting in setting up your company to tax returns and annual accounts. We ensure that your accounts are always in order and that your tax returns are always processed on time.

At DKB-finance, we are dedicated to helping you succeed, regardless of your industry or business size. We aim to be your reliable partner in all your financial and administrative issues, so you can focus on your core business and grow your business.